Gnathology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment and prevention of disorders in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Common problems involving the TMJ are:

  • pain or fatigue when chewing
  • difficulty opening the mouth
  • hearing clicks or noises when opening the mouth
  • muscle tension in the head
  • headaches
  • tinnitus, hearing ringing in the ears

Often our new gnathology patients come to us after having met with other dentists or oral and maxillofacial specialists without having found an answer to their problem.

Dr. Daniele Iannaci specializes in prosthetics and gnathological rehabilitation, having studied at the University of Vienna under the direct supervision of Professor Rudolf Slavicek, considered a renowned expert in gnathology around the world. Each case is studied according to the techniques of the Viennese school with the help of special tracing, an analysis of the masticatory muscles and occlusion, and with the preparation of specials casts. The cases are treated orthodontically or prosthetically (or by combining the two treatments) in order to re-establish the correct physiological parameters of the joint. Additionally a splint may be used, consisting of a particular removable device that allows appropriate modifications over time to relax the joint (especially during the night) until the symptoms disappear.

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