Our story begins in 1991 when Dr. Giovanni Iannaci, a surgeon and dentist, opened the Iannaci Dental Office located on Via Pietro Maffi 80, with a team of highly qualified colleagues. The office has always offered a wide range of services covering the various branches of dentistry, from dental hygiene, to
implants, to orthodontics.
In 2012, after graduating from the University of Rome Tor Vergata in Dentistry and Dental Cum Laude with honors, Dr. Daniele Iannaci joined the family business. He also continued on after his residency, working in the Oral Surgery Department at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Later he specialized in Prosthodontics and Gnathological Rehabilitation at the prestigious University of Vienna under the guidance of Professor Rudolf Slavicek, known as the father of modern gnathology worldwide.
With over 40 years of combined professional experience, Doctors Giovanni and Daniele Iannaci have the expertise and knowledge to perform advanced level oral surgeries, utilizing the most modern techniques and technologies available.
Cutting edge techniques such as computer-assisted implantology, which allows dental implants to be inserted with a minimally invasive procedure that also shortens healing times, and tailor-made orthodontic treatment plans mapped with MEAW (Multiloop Edgewise Arch Wire) are just a few of the high quality services offered to our patients at affordable costs.
Our top priority is to offer high quality services to our patients from a team of highly specialized
We accept most major insurance companies: Unisalute, Previmedical, Metasalute, Rbm, Postewelfare, Fasi.

Via Pietro Maffi 80
00168 Roma (RM)